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CEBC Singapore

by Editor

Registered in Nov 1998, a small church started by a group of Christian leaders led by Rev Ng Meng Lek. It was through Rev Ng education networking, many parents and students came to know and accepted the faith in Jesus Christ. So as the church started to grow, Rev Ng anticipate the need for a […]

Founder Senior Pastor

by Editor

Initially, our church reached out to the youth from the Sunset and Richmond Districts of San Francisco. As time passed, a strong college ministry grew. Today, we touch the lives of all ages. Evangelism ranges from the over 400 community children in our summer programs to the hundreds of Bay Area adults in our outreach programs

MASS MEDIA in San Francisco

by Editor

Mass Media is an exciting ministry that shares God’s love and His Word through audio recordings, videos, television programs and slide shows. The purpose of this department is to record and document all annual and special events that take place at Cornerstone. We are an in-house production service that caters to the needs of the […]

Cornerstone Singers in Singapore

by Editor

One of our highlights in July was the arrival of Cornerstone Singers from San Francisco to present their evangelical musical, “Do you smell strawberries?”. Not only was this a tremendous opportunity to see people come to know Christ through the arts, but it was also a rare – but much anticipated – an opportunity for […]

Cornerstone Singers San Francisco

by Editor

Cornerstone Singers is a performing ministry which puts their love for the theater to use in God’s kingdom. The Singers share the gospel through Broadway-style musical drama and songs, written by the Singers. Testimonies of what Jesus Christ has done in the Singers’ lives make each performance unique and personal-whether at a concert, youth rally, […]